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The other day, I decided to take my children, (4 & 2) to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta where they have free admission on the second Tuesday of every month. 

After I had dressed my children up in their cute outfits and fixed my daughter’s hair, it was now time to dress myself.

That was when I realized, I didn’t have one cute thing to wear.

Immediately depression and frustration set in looking at my meager outdated wardrobe.

Since becoming a stay at home mom, surviving barely off of my husband’s income, my wardrobe has become like a horror movie.

I scream at every outfit, because it’s either too big, maternity clothes or too small, pre-baby clothes.

But as I threw everything in my drawers out, looking for something cute, stylish, comfortable and cool, I found a gem.

A romper that I purchased last year on the rare occasion when my husband and I had a night out with friends.

Rompers are all the rage in the fashion world these days. Even men are wearing rompers now.

And I totally get it.

They are one piece outfits, that come in casual, dressy, professional, and most importantly to me comfortable.

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So I put on my romper and my tennis shoes which could also use some updating and tried to be as satisfied as I could.

I was at least comfortable and half way cute.

When you have children, are on a budget, and no babysitter, it's hard to find the quality time you need to update your wardrobe.

And it's also very frustrating when you go on play dates  or take your children to activities and don't have a thing cute to wear.

But for the rest of the summer rompers are going to be my go to solution for just about every outing.

It's a one piece and they are very affordable.


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I had hoped to show pictures of my babies having fun at the museum but the line was around the block.

Last time we went it was during the school year and I didn't take into account that because it's summer tourist and locals alike would be trying to get in on the free Tuesday.

After I spent all that time stressing over what to wear our museum visit was an epic fail.

But I did let them play at the playground in Centennial Park and they were happy with that.

Gotta love children. Sometimes they are so easy to please and remind us not to sweat the small stuff.

What's your go to outfit when you go on outings with your children?

Here’s to staying fabulously stylish,

Shantell Smith

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